October 08, 2008


As you may know by now, Wolfbrigade has returned from the dead. So I felt I had to see what they were up to. This interview was conducted via e-mail with Dadde.

One and a half year have past since you officially rose from the ashes. How has things been since your reunion gig in Stockholm in February 2007?
It's been really great. More or less all the shows have been packed and
we've had a great time. The band is in such great shape now and we love
hanging out together instead of dreading it :)

What would you say is the biggest difference with the new Wolfbrigade compared with the old Wolfbrigade?
The biggest difference is probably the fact that we all live in the same
city (first time in 11 years!) and have our own practice place which has
been good for the songwriting process as well as for us becoming even closer as friends. For the records "Progression/Regression" up until "Prey to the world" we wrote songs individually and then we threw the songs together rather fast in the practice place before hitting the studio. Now we have actually had time to try out what is works and what does not work. It's great working as a real band again.

”Prey to the world” was your first album with the new line-up. How has the response been on that release? It differs a lot from the “In darkness you feel no regrets” and “A d-beat odyssey”. How were you thinking during the making of “Prey to the world”?
It's been overall very good. A lot of the old Wolfpack fans have admitted
"that Wolfbriagde isn't that bad after all" and that's kind of what we aimed
for. But we didn't really think a lot. We had intentions to just do an EP
but all of a sudden we had enough songs to do an LP and thought "what the
heck" and then went in and recorded it in one weekend. I really love some of
the songs, but there are some songs that we could have worked harder on when
you look back at it. But we are happy with it, it serves pretty well for how
the situation was, we were super excited and in a rush to record as
Wolfbrigade again and the outcome was "Prey to the World". It was cool to
work with Johan on bass as well, this was his first album but it wasn't the
last one with Marcus since he hasn't played on an album since
"Progression/Regression" (where he only played bass on half the tracks due
to lack of dedication). It's great to have a steady line-up where everyone
has the same mission.

While we are talking about releases, you just announced that you are working on a new full-length album. What can you tell us about it?
Well, it's an album we have been working on since September last year and we
just recieved the master. We have been recording on and off in the studio
since December and really worked hard on the songs and the lyrics. As I
mentioned, this is the first album we have done while practicing on a weekly
basis since "Allday Hell" and I think you can tell. We have been working a
lot on dynamics between the songs, but still trying to get them as hard and
extreme as possible and really tried to take the "trademark" melodies in
another direction while relying on our old Death metal roots. It's a harder
metal edge for sure, without falling into all these black metal/crust clones
or into the stenchcore category. It's been a long and hard process,
especially since we are five individuals that really have put our whole
hearts into this, but I think that also means we will be more pleased with
this album years from now than some of the other albums.

And what about the title of your new full-length, "Comalive"?
It's a mix of the two states of Coma and being Alive. Sometimes it feels
you are in this bubble, like you are in a coma but still alive. Dreaming of
how things could be. Wanting to come alive. It's a play of words, but a
pretty serious one. One way of seeing it is also that it's a pretty the
common state for people all over the western world, either it's a chosen
state - you are too jaded to find the energy to stay alive but still are, or
just how the common consumerist zombie live, like they were in a coma.

How do you think about being one of the “big” bands in the punk scene? Your name is written everywhere from bands stating their influences to patches and t-shirts. I know that this is a complex question, but aren’t we heading the wrong way? It sometimes feels like the stardom, fame and glamour of the music industry is catching on to us.
It's a complex thing for sure. We don't really think of it, other than it's
a privilege that we get to play around the world as much as we do even
though we can't tour as much as we would want to, and that so many people
love our music and honouring us through wearing our shirts, or tattooing our
logos. A big downside of it is the "law of jante" (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jante_Law) which I think gets extremely obvious
when a punk band gets too well known. We are just like any other band and I
think anyone that meet us will notice that we aren't rock stars or whatever
they want us to be :) But according to some people you can't be punk if you
draw too many people to your gigs or if too many people like you. We've had
friends coming up to us and ask us if we are only in this "for the money".
What a load of crap, people like that can just fuck off! Seriously fucked
elitist "punk" attitude. If there are a lot of people on the gig there will
obviously be some money too, and we'll ofcourse take our share of that (if
it's not a benefit), and that's nice, maybe we can save up for a future
recording, or buy new instruments or whatever, but it's nowhere near why we
do this... The reason we are into this is for the love of the music, the
outlet we get from playing, spreading our message and having a laugh with
our friends in this so called "scene", nothing else. Hopefully it will
backlash on us, "Tragedy-style", and we can go back to be a "normal" band
again haha! No one will get rich from playing DIY punk shows. There are a
few bands that actually tour so much that they can pay the rent back home,
and I say more power to them!
Despise all this rambling, I can still see how it sting in peoples eyes when
punk bands get too big, but I think it's quite a big difference between
idolizing and wearing a band on a patch or a t-shirt.
I take it as a great honour that so many people are into us and try not to
think what some people try to make of it.

Well I know you’re not rock stars in any way. I’ve always had a good time when I’ve met you so it was nothing personal. But I think it’s something we, in the scene, need to talk more about. The way I see it is that it’s the people in general, not the bands, that causes all of this. As you said, you’re just another band and act accordingly.
Thank you Sonny, you're swell as well ;)

You said earlier that your motive with “Prey to the world” was to get the old Wolfpack fans back. But what do all the newer fans say?
I haven't really heard anything negative to be honest, but we expected the
people into "In darkness" etc to miss the most obvious Puke and Strebers
influences(or as a majorty wants to put it: "Tragedy Influences", hahaha,
know your history!). The new album actually has some more of that but in a
different way, which I can't really explain... You'll just have to wait and

So if we take a look into the near future, when will the new full-length be released? Any plans on touring?
Looks like it will be out in December. After that we plan on trying to do a
more compact Euro tour to support the album, maybe in March 2009. Always on
our mind Japan, Australia, South America, Canada, Mexico tours... Who knows
what the future might bring?

Alright, that was the end of it. Is there anything you would like to add?
Thank you for the time and effort and good luck.
I can't think of anything I want to add. Thanks for a great interview, and
hope to see you and everyone that reads this at a gig soon! Cheers

Dadde and Wolfbrigade

October 06, 2008


After the success of the summer edition of PUNK ILLEGAL FEST it's time again to spread some light in the gathering darkness of the Swedish autumn. It's once again time for the PUNK ILLEGAL FEST at Musikens Hus here in Gothenburg. For all of you who hasn't payed attention, PUNK ILLEGAL FEST is a hardcore punk festival with the ambition to raise money to help refugees. The tickets are released so you better hurry if you don't want to miss the most important festival around. The tickets can only be bought via www.ticnet.se though.
For further info about the festival, visit:

July 23, 2008


Another year has gone and it's soon time for 2008 years edition of the ShitTown diy hardcore punk festival.
This is one of the best festivals in Europe and use to attract people from all over the world which makes it one of my favourites of the year.
Just like last year, the festival is taking place in Christiania, Copenhagen at Den Grå Hal (the Grey Hall). Be sure to make it there, or you'll be sorry.
Among the bands that will play the fest you can find Pisschrist, Skitkids, Distress, Sotatila and Warcollapse, so it's gonna be a hell of a festival.
Besides music there will also be a lot of cool and interesting workshops along with the extremely entertaining bike destruction derby Bike Wars.
For more info about the festival, check out their website: www.shit-town.dk

July 13, 2008


Morne is for me an up until now unknown band. I came across them by accident on MySpce when I browsed through the bulletins and I got stuck on a headline saying something about a new band with a member from Filth of Mankind. Could this be? I had to take a closer look at this and went to their MySpace in search of some more info about the band. As I was waiting for the site to load, the player started to play the song "Machine". I don't know what happened but for a few seconds I couldn't move or think, just being awashed by a gigantic wave of pure and utter darkness. An amazing intro fills the room and spreads an eerie atmosphere that is so thick you can actually almost touch it. All of a sudden I get draged into a whirlwind of riffs that are executed in a perfect manner. It's an explosion of haunting, epic crust. Bands like Amebix and Sacrilege flashes before my eyes hand in hand with Counterblast as the next track starts. After listening to the 4 tracks on their MySpace over and over again I decided I had to let the world know about this band. I still don't know much about this band since they haven't posted any info or anything on their site. But I do know that they will tour the US in September. I really hope they will make it to Europe soon and that they will release the planned split LP with Warprayer. If you want to check them out, and you really should, go visit their MySpace: www.myspace.com/mornecrust and prepare to get blown away.

January 08, 2008

Reviews january 8, 2008

Nux Vomica - A Civilized World CD
Aborted Society Records

I'm gonna be honest. Since I got this record from Aborted Society, I have listened to it almost every singel day and I have to add that I got this record a while ago. That alone proves that this is a solid record because I grow tired of a record so fast if I listen to it too much and it doesn't have that extra special that makes me go crazy. Anyway, I think where Nux Vomica got me was somewhere between my weakness for Iron Maiden, At the Gates and melancholic bands like Remains of the Day. I'm talking about melodic hardcore punk with an impending metal feel to it. I know you've read that before a thousand times in reviews and descriptions about bands but Nux Vomica has a different approach to these features which I find very refreshing and enjoyable. Ca 31 minutes of piercing guitar leads, devastating vocals, powerfull basslines and insane druming with gloomy acoustic breakdowns. This made it to my "best of 2007" releases. Do yourself a favour and check this band out. Read the lyrics while you indulge in Nux Vomica's debut full length. [Sonny Subvert]


December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

2007 has been a year of absence for Rise and Subvert Webzine. A year lined with setbacks and misfortunes.
I start working on Rise and Subvert intensively now in the start of the new year so that I finally can operate the webzine as I intend to do.
See you in 2008.


September 20, 2007

Shades of Grey (sweden) + Cop on Fire (spain/usa) September 17th at Fullersta, Stockholm.

Cop on Fire are currently on tour in Europe and by their side, they have Swedish Shades of Grey during the gigs in Scandinavia. Since I've been listening to the Cop on Fire/Visions of War split LP quite frequently for a long time now, I was really looking forward to this gig. I've always been under the influence that Cop on Fire's powerful, down tuned and rocking hardcore punk would be a great thing to experience live. Well, what can I say? They where fucking great to see live. They caught me right away, from the first riff to the last, and they really filled the room with energy and excitement. Cop on Fire really rocked the place and even got people to move around, something that is quite rare in Sweden, so I would say that is a fairly good testimonial of that they managed to deliver this night.
If there would have been something to complain about it would have been the sound, though that's nothing that you can blame on the bands who play at Fullersta, the sound is always kind of bad since the gigs take place in a garage with concrete walls. However, I personally think that Cop on Fire managed to get the best sound I've experienced at Fullersta.
Ok, back to the bands. Next up was Stockholm's power quartet, Shades of Grey.
I have seen Shades of Grey so many times now and they have never let me down. Not even once. It's always complicated to try to review your good friends without being partial, but in all honesty, I do think that Shades of Grey are the most solid live band in Sweden today. As usual, they delivered with great credibility, passion and intensity from beginning to the end. A very successful night with two awesome bands, so who am I to complain? If you have the chance to catch Cop on Fire during their tour, do yourself a favour and don't miss the opportunity to see a kick ass band.
Don't forget to check out Shades of Grey either. They have a split LP coming up with Massmord. See their myspace for more info: www.myspace.com/shadesofgreylkpg

Here's Cop on Fire's tourplan:
29th – DE – Berlin at KOPI
30th – DE – Eisenberg
31st - DE- Dresden -Paranoia Fest day off
1st – DE - Dresden- Play at Paranoia Fest
2nd - DE- Halle
3rd - DE - Chemnitz
4th - ???
5th - ???
6th – DE – Freiburg
7th – CH – Biel
8th - CH- Copett
9th – FR – Dijon
10th – DE – Stuttgart
11th – DE – Hannover
12th – DE – Hamburg
13th – DE – Eutin
14th – DK – Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd + SHADES OF GREY
15th – NOR – Oslo @ Blitz + SHADES OF GREY
16th – SWE – Sandviken @ Kungen +SHADES OF GREY
17th – SWE – Stockholm @ Fullersta + SHADES OF GREY
18th – Day off/ ferry
19th – FIN – Helsinki + SHADES OF GREY
20th – FIN – Tampere + SHADES OF GREY
21st – FIN – Turku + SHADES OF GREY
22nd – SWE – Linkoping @ Skylten + AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
23rd – SWE – Goteborg @ Underjorden +AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
24th – SWE – Malmo + AUKTION
25th – DK – Copenhagen + AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
26th - DE - Rostock + SHADES OF GREY
28th/29th – DE – Zoro festival 07

[Sonny Subvert]

September 16, 2007


Welcome to the new home of Rise and Subvert Webzine. As you may have noticed, Rise and Subvert Webzine wasn't working that well for a long time. I have moved around a lot lately which lead to less hours to spend by the computer reviewing records and doing interviews.
This blog will change all that now. I have tons of tons of stuff to review and so many ideas of how I will bring Rise and Subvert to another level.
This blog will replace the original website for now and therefore it's easier for me to update it whenever I want, wherever I want. It also makes it possible for me to write a little bit more about new bands that I come a cross and not just bands that send records to me for review.

Well, I hope you'll check back from time to time and that all the old Rise and Subvert readers enjoy this change. If you still want to visit the old website, you can still do so by clicking HERE. [Sonny Subvert]