December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

2007 has been a year of absence for Rise and Subvert Webzine. A year lined with setbacks and misfortunes.
I start working on Rise and Subvert intensively now in the start of the new year so that I finally can operate the webzine as I intend to do.
See you in 2008.


September 20, 2007

Shades of Grey (sweden) + Cop on Fire (spain/usa) September 17th at Fullersta, Stockholm.

Cop on Fire are currently on tour in Europe and by their side, they have Swedish Shades of Grey during the gigs in Scandinavia. Since I've been listening to the Cop on Fire/Visions of War split LP quite frequently for a long time now, I was really looking forward to this gig. I've always been under the influence that Cop on Fire's powerful, down tuned and rocking hardcore punk would be a great thing to experience live. Well, what can I say? They where fucking great to see live. They caught me right away, from the first riff to the last, and they really filled the room with energy and excitement. Cop on Fire really rocked the place and even got people to move around, something that is quite rare in Sweden, so I would say that is a fairly good testimonial of that they managed to deliver this night.
If there would have been something to complain about it would have been the sound, though that's nothing that you can blame on the bands who play at Fullersta, the sound is always kind of bad since the gigs take place in a garage with concrete walls. However, I personally think that Cop on Fire managed to get the best sound I've experienced at Fullersta.
Ok, back to the bands. Next up was Stockholm's power quartet, Shades of Grey.
I have seen Shades of Grey so many times now and they have never let me down. Not even once. It's always complicated to try to review your good friends without being partial, but in all honesty, I do think that Shades of Grey are the most solid live band in Sweden today. As usual, they delivered with great credibility, passion and intensity from beginning to the end. A very successful night with two awesome bands, so who am I to complain? If you have the chance to catch Cop on Fire during their tour, do yourself a favour and don't miss the opportunity to see a kick ass band.
Don't forget to check out Shades of Grey either. They have a split LP coming up with Massmord. See their myspace for more info:

Here's Cop on Fire's tourplan:
29th – DE – Berlin at KOPI
30th – DE – Eisenberg
31st - DE- Dresden -Paranoia Fest day off
1st – DE - Dresden- Play at Paranoia Fest
2nd - DE- Halle
3rd - DE - Chemnitz
4th - ???
5th - ???
6th – DE – Freiburg
7th – CH – Biel
8th - CH- Copett
9th – FR – Dijon
10th – DE – Stuttgart
11th – DE – Hannover
12th – DE – Hamburg
13th – DE – Eutin
14th – DK – Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd + SHADES OF GREY
15th – NOR – Oslo @ Blitz + SHADES OF GREY
16th – SWE – Sandviken @ Kungen +SHADES OF GREY
17th – SWE – Stockholm @ Fullersta + SHADES OF GREY
18th – Day off/ ferry
19th – FIN – Helsinki + SHADES OF GREY
20th – FIN – Tampere + SHADES OF GREY
21st – FIN – Turku + SHADES OF GREY
22nd – SWE – Linkoping @ Skylten + AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
23rd – SWE – Goteborg @ Underjorden +AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
24th – SWE – Malmo + AUKTION
25th – DK – Copenhagen + AUKTION, SHADES OF GREY
26th - DE - Rostock + SHADES OF GREY
28th/29th – DE – Zoro festival 07

[Sonny Subvert]

September 16, 2007


Welcome to the new home of Rise and Subvert Webzine. As you may have noticed, Rise and Subvert Webzine wasn't working that well for a long time. I have moved around a lot lately which lead to less hours to spend by the computer reviewing records and doing interviews.
This blog will change all that now. I have tons of tons of stuff to review and so many ideas of how I will bring Rise and Subvert to another level.
This blog will replace the original website for now and therefore it's easier for me to update it whenever I want, wherever I want. It also makes it possible for me to write a little bit more about new bands that I come a cross and not just bands that send records to me for review.

Well, I hope you'll check back from time to time and that all the old Rise and Subvert readers enjoy this change. If you still want to visit the old website, you can still do so by clicking HERE. [Sonny Subvert]