January 08, 2008

Reviews january 8, 2008

Nux Vomica - A Civilized World CD
Aborted Society Records

I'm gonna be honest. Since I got this record from Aborted Society, I have listened to it almost every singel day and I have to add that I got this record a while ago. That alone proves that this is a solid record because I grow tired of a record so fast if I listen to it too much and it doesn't have that extra special that makes me go crazy. Anyway, I think where Nux Vomica got me was somewhere between my weakness for Iron Maiden, At the Gates and melancholic bands like Remains of the Day. I'm talking about melodic hardcore punk with an impending metal feel to it. I know you've read that before a thousand times in reviews and descriptions about bands but Nux Vomica has a different approach to these features which I find very refreshing and enjoyable. Ca 31 minutes of piercing guitar leads, devastating vocals, powerfull basslines and insane druming with gloomy acoustic breakdowns. This made it to my "best of 2007" releases. Do yourself a favour and check this band out. Read the lyrics while you indulge in Nux Vomica's debut full length. [Sonny Subvert]