September 16, 2007


Welcome to the new home of Rise and Subvert Webzine. As you may have noticed, Rise and Subvert Webzine wasn't working that well for a long time. I have moved around a lot lately which lead to less hours to spend by the computer reviewing records and doing interviews.
This blog will change all that now. I have tons of tons of stuff to review and so many ideas of how I will bring Rise and Subvert to another level.
This blog will replace the original website for now and therefore it's easier for me to update it whenever I want, wherever I want. It also makes it possible for me to write a little bit more about new bands that I come a cross and not just bands that send records to me for review.

Well, I hope you'll check back from time to time and that all the old Rise and Subvert readers enjoy this change. If you still want to visit the old website, you can still do so by clicking HERE. [Sonny Subvert]