July 13, 2008


Morne is for me an up until now unknown band. I came across them by accident on MySpce when I browsed through the bulletins and I got stuck on a headline saying something about a new band with a member from Filth of Mankind. Could this be? I had to take a closer look at this and went to their MySpace in search of some more info about the band. As I was waiting for the site to load, the player started to play the song "Machine". I don't know what happened but for a few seconds I couldn't move or think, just being awashed by a gigantic wave of pure and utter darkness. An amazing intro fills the room and spreads an eerie atmosphere that is so thick you can actually almost touch it. All of a sudden I get draged into a whirlwind of riffs that are executed in a perfect manner. It's an explosion of haunting, epic crust. Bands like Amebix and Sacrilege flashes before my eyes hand in hand with Counterblast as the next track starts. After listening to the 4 tracks on their MySpace over and over again I decided I had to let the world know about this band. I still don't know much about this band since they haven't posted any info or anything on their site. But I do know that they will tour the US in September. I really hope they will make it to Europe soon and that they will release the planned split LP with Warprayer. If you want to check them out, and you really should, go visit their MySpace: www.myspace.com/mornecrust and prepare to get blown away.