July 23, 2008


Another year has gone and it's soon time for 2008 years edition of the ShitTown diy hardcore punk festival.
This is one of the best festivals in Europe and use to attract people from all over the world which makes it one of my favourites of the year.
Just like last year, the festival is taking place in Christiania, Copenhagen at Den Grå Hal (the Grey Hall). Be sure to make it there, or you'll be sorry.
Among the bands that will play the fest you can find Pisschrist, Skitkids, Distress, Sotatila and Warcollapse, so it's gonna be a hell of a festival.
Besides music there will also be a lot of cool and interesting workshops along with the extremely entertaining bike destruction derby Bike Wars.
For more info about the festival, check out their website: www.shit-town.dk